The Truth About Bankruptcy

You are not alone – and you are not to blame. These are perilous economic times. Bad things are happening to good people, like you, who work hard and try their best.
You are, no doubt, facing debts and collections threats that seem overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like they are crushing the breath out of you, ruining your life. You have heard the promises about being able to negotiate down your debts or taxes to pennies on the dollar – but there are at least five reasons why that isn’t the best answer.

As hopeless as things might seem, there are ways to get immediate relief, to stop the calls, to protect your assets, and to make a fresh financial start.

The law provides many protections for you. Among them are the bankruptcy laws. Let’s be clear: bankruptcy is not “running away” from your responsibilities. The bankruptcy laws are among the oldest in the United States, and were enacted to help responsible citizens deal with extraordinary problems. Bankruptcy represents a crucial first step in meeting your obligations in a fair and balanced way while planning for the future.

Right now, you need more than just an attorney who understands bankruptcy and creditor/debtor laws. You need an attorney who will listen to you, go the extra mile to understand your situation, and create the best solution for you.

Your financial future is full of numbers. The most important one may be 724 – 942 – 3789. Call today to set up a convenient appointment that fits your work schedule and family responsibilities.

We’re experienced, we’re understanding, and we’re ready to help understand the truth about bankruptcy.