The Legal Help You Need

Finding an attorney is easy.  Finding the right attorney for you is harder – but it’s not an impossible task.   The Legal Help You Need starts with two-way communication. That means having some specific questions for your prospective attorney and listening carefully to the answers.  Like nearly everything else in life, developing an effective relationship with your attorney starts with “doing your homework.” At Brzustowicz and Marotta we believe that every person’s situation is unique.  We believe that, as attorneys, our job is listen thoughtfully, think proactively, and focus on you, the individual.  As a prospective client, here are some things to consider:

  • How will you keep me updated on my case?  Will I hear from my attorney on a regular basis?  If I have questions, how long will it take to get an answer?  Do you return phone calls promptly?
  • Has your firm handled cases like mine before?  Do you have the resources to handle a case like mine?  How much experience do you have in this area?  If my case raises other issues, can your firm continue to represent me?
  • Who will be handling my case?  Will I be working with an attorney?  A paralegal?  Will my case be passed around from attorney to attorney?
  • What’s the first step?  Do you do an initial consultation?  How soon can you start working on my case?  What are your rates?  How often do you bill me?  Do I sign a letter of agreement?  Is there a retainer fee?

The Legal Help You Need is a phone call away.  Call the law firm of Brzustowicz and Marotta today at 724 – 942 – 3789.

You Can’t Take it With You

Your estate – everything you own— stays behind when you die. But, if you are like most people, you have some ideas about what happens to your estate. To ensure your wishes are carried out, you need to provide instructions about who receives something of yours, what they receive, and when that happens – all while paying the least amount in taxes, legal fees, and court costs.

Effective estate planning addresses a great many issues. Your estate plan is your opportunity to pass along your values, to include instructions for your care if you should become disabled before you die, to name a guardian for minor children, provide for family members with special needs, and address dozens of other concerns.

As you think about estate planning, here are some things to consider:

  • Estate planning is not a one-time event. We encourage our clients to review their plans on a regular basis and make updates that reflect changes in their lives.
  • Estate planning is for everyone, not just the elderly or the rich.
  • There is no time like the present to start. It’s never too early to begin the process, and we believe that, through two-way communication with our clients, we canhelp make the process seem less daunting and overpowering.
  • If you don’t have an estate plan, the state has one for you – and you probably won’t like it. Given the choice of whom to appoint as a legal guardian for your minor children, would you rather make that decision or have a court do it?
  • A will is a great starting point, but it is only the first step. Each person’s situation is unique, and there are legal options that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Effective estate planning brings a special benefit: peace of mind in knowing that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones. After all, you can’t take it with you.

The Truth About Bankruptcy

You are not alone – and you are not to blame. These are perilous economic times. Bad things are happening to good people, like you, who work hard and try their best.
You are, no doubt, facing debts and collections threats that seem overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like they are crushing the breath out of you, ruining your life. You have heard the promises about being able to negotiate down your debts or taxes to pennies on the dollar – but there are at least five reasons why that isn’t the best answer.

As hopeless as things might seem, there are ways to get immediate relief, to stop the calls, to protect your assets, and to make a fresh financial start.

The law provides many protections for you. Among them are the bankruptcy laws. Let’s be clear: bankruptcy is not “running away” from your responsibilities. The bankruptcy laws are among the oldest in the United States, and were enacted to help responsible citizens deal with extraordinary problems. Bankruptcy represents a crucial first step in meeting your obligations in a fair and balanced way while planning for the future.

Right now, you need more than just an attorney who understands bankruptcy and creditor/debtor laws. You need an attorney who will listen to you, go the extra mile to understand your situation, and create the best solution for you.

Your financial future is full of numbers. The most important one may be 724 – 942 – 3789. Call today to set up a convenient appointment that fits your work schedule and family responsibilities.

We’re experienced, we’re understanding, and we’re ready to help understand the truth about bankruptcy.

Protecting Your Assets

“I’m facing a mountain of debt and I don’t know what to do. Is there a way that I can keep my house?”

“I want to start my own business, but I don’t know how to set it up. Should I incorporate? What if something goes wrong and I get sued?”

“I want to pass along what I have when I die. How do I make sure that my assets go where I want them to go?”

Protecting your assets starts with knowing your rights under the law. An attorney who listens thoughtfully can more fully appreciate your unique situation and provide the advice that you need.


You may need to consider bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Code is complex, with chapters thataddress specific concerns and circumstances. We have extensive experience in dealing with all phases of the bankruptcy process, and we understand the most effective strategies when negotiating on your behalf.

You may have questions related to business and corporate law, areas in which we have the added strength of having business experience. Or, your specific questions might focus on areas related to real estate law and property issues.

Surprisingly, many people do not have a will. They might believe that they are too young – or not “rich enough” – to worry about estates and trusts. The bottom line is that having a will – and keeping it updated to reflect changes in your life – is essential. It is the first step in protecting your assets.

For more information on these and other issues related to the law and your rights, call Attorneys Brzustowicz and Marotta.

Looking Ahead

Every day brings new opportunities, new challenges . . . and change. Perhaps it will be a change in your marital status, in your family, or in your career. Every day you make decisions. The consequences of those decisions may take flight in hundreds of different directions.

Whatever the future may hold, the best advice you can use comes from those you know you best and understand the most effective routes to success.

We believe that practicing law starts with helping people. That’s why we listen first, and then advise. There are no shortcuts – no “one size fits all” option – when it comes to successfully representing you.

Successful relationships are built upon honesty, trust and commitment. By looking from the perspective of years rather than moments, we can provide the legal help you need in both the short term and the long run. We identify strategies and options that are proactive instead of reactive.

We count our successes, not in the sheer number of contacts and cases, but in the satisfaction of each client. What is the immediate challenge that our client faces? What are the longer-term consequences? What steps can be taken now to insure a better outcome in the future.

The long-term relationships that we develop with our clients are the foundations upon which effective legal counsel are built. After all, when you need legal help, that’s what you need: help,not hype.