The bankruptcy laws, among the oldest in the United States, were enacted to help responsible citizens deal with extraordinary problems. Bankruptcy represents a crucial first step in meeting your obligations in a fair and balanced way while planning for the future. Bankruptcy is not “running away” from responsibilities; it is a way to protect your assets and make a fresh financial start.

Individuals are eligible to file for bankruptcy under one of several statutes, known as “chapters” in the bankruptcy code. Some “chapters” provide for liquidation of assets to pay off some or all of a person’s debts. Other “chapters” provide for reorganization and allow you to keep your assets while creating a payback plan to meet certain debt and
asset limits. Deciding which “chapters” to file under is best determined after an initial consultation that helps identify the most favorable option.

We understand bankruptcy and creditor/debtor laws. We will listen to you, go the extra mile to understand your situation, and create the best solution for you.