Wills and Estate Planning

A will, known as a Last Will and Testament, outlines your last wishes and details how you want your personal and real property distributed. Without a will, the court makes these decisions.

Having a will is especially important if you have children: your Last Will and Testament will ensure that you get to choose your children’s guardian. None of us plan to die in the near future, but if you die suddenly without a will, your family and loved ones will face confusion and anxiety – and the possibility of a long and costly probate – at what is already a difficult time.

In addition to a drafting and Last Will and Testament, we can advise you on the importance of creating a Durable Power of Attorney, a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and a Living Will.

Through our experience in effective estate planning we can develop strategies that may provide you with opportunities to reduce estate taxes, to care for beneficiaries with special needs, and to make philanthropic gifts.